High Tea @ Ritz Carlton Chihuly Lounge

Celebrated the friend’s really belated birthday having the 8 course weekday afternoon high tea at Ritz. We are all so busy these days, celebrations are getting more and more belated. Love the ambience at the Chihuly Lounge, especially the natural light, high ceiling and spaciousness.


The course started with a peachy mocktail which was quite refreshing. Accompanied by a bowl of keropok with dried shrimp/scallop XO dip.


And then we had the steak with truffle mash which was pretty good too.


What is high tea without the tiered plates of goodies. I felt they could have just given 2 scones instead of 4. I remembered one of Japanese baking instructor I learnt baking from told me that Ritz has one of the best scones. It’s true. The texture was really good. The clotted cream was good too. But we found the bottled jams too sweet, they didn’t have the natural fruity sour sweet flavour.


We like the salted caramel macarons. They have macarons available for takeaways at the deli if you are looking at bringing some home. The passion fruit tart custard was a little too eggy for me. Rest of the food was pretty alright.


We opted for the hightea with cocktail. This mojito definitely had a kick.


The service staff also came by with a trolley of cakes, cookies and chocolates where you can pick any amount you want if you still can stomach them. When we reached that segment, we were like sloths on the chairs in a state of food coma. I felt the variety  and taste of sweets in the trolley wasn’t wow. Overall, the high tea was okay, but I have tasted better ones.

xx dawnut xx


Hup Hup Minced Meat Noodle

Recently, with the whole Michelin guide thingy, there has been a whole debate about which hawker stall sells the best bak chor mee. I for one will not travel far nor will I stand in queue for 30-45min for a bowl of noodles. So I am pretty happy with Hup Hup that serves up pretty good noodles and best of all, it is in my hood 🙂

But before you can dig into that yummy bowl of bak chor mee, you first have to get past the legendary grouchy bitch face aunty. No threat to me bcos I have a bitch face too :p A word of advice, be clear with your order or risk getting the tsk and killer stare hur hur.. Been eating this for years and in a rare occurrence some time this year, the aunty actually smiled at me O.O Hallelujah.

There are only two types of noodles available: mee pok and mee kia. Don’t be funny and try to ask for kuay tiao, bee hoon or other types of noodles. This one here is the mee pok (think linguine) and the thinner version is the mee kia (think angel hair pasta). Bowl comes in two sizes: Small ($3.00) or Big ($4.00). You can have the noodles in soup or dry with their concoction of sauces. If you are ordering the noodles dry, you can have them spicy or non-spicy.


So in summary these are the choices you have to make clear to grouchy aunty.

  1. Mee Pok / Mee Kia
  2. Small / Large
  3. Dry / Soup
  4. If dry, Spicy / Non-spicy
  5. Eating in / Take-away

Speak slowly and clearly.

I personally like the type of mee pok and mee kia they use. There is another type which is slightly translucent looking and has a more firm and springy texture (think al dante). I like how they cook the noodles such that it doesn’t stick into a lump. You really don’t want sticky noodles bcos the entire bowl of noodles hangs on your chopstick like a ball of yarn when you try to pick them up. There is also enough mix of sauces so it’s tasty and moist. Good that they were not overly generous with the oil.

The chilli is not too spicy and is flavourful. When paired with the right proportion of tomato sauce and vinegar, it’s yummy. If you are the type who eats chilli as a main and noodles as a complement, you may need to ask for a big dollop. But I think that would probably change the flavour as the original concoction proportions are altered.

Accompanying the noodles are braised mushrooms (good flavour), minced meat (not too fatty) and pig liver. To top it off, you get two pieces of deep fried wanton skin for that added crunch!

Brace yourselves, I think this noodle is worth a face to face encounter with a grouch ;p

Hup Hup Minced Meat Noodle (合合香菇肉脞面)
724 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6
#01-39 Ang Mo Kio Market & Food Centre

xx dawnut xx

Shop Wonderland @ Haji Lane

[Shop Wonderland has since moved to 134 Telok Ayer Street with a new food menu. Ambience is still great, go visit!]


Situated at one of my favourite shopping streets Haji Lane is Shop Wonderland. It is a cafe on the first level and shop + workshop space on the second level. The cafe serves a good variety drinks but I am not quite a fan of their coffee as it is a little sourish. They do have some savoury items if you are looking to grab a bite. They also have some yummy cakes from local bakeshops and the selection changes daily. It is a nice place to sit and chill with a good read on a weekday afternoon. Tend to get really crowded on weekends.

On the second level, the shop sells fresh flowers and nice household items. Floral workshops and other craft workshops are conducted at the upper level as well.

Shop Wonderland
37 Haji Ln, L1&2
Singapore 189230
T. +65 6299 5848
Daily, 10am to 8pm

Nearest MRT Station: Bugis or Nicoll Highway

xx dawnut xx

Buta Ramen

Chashu ramen and pork cheek ramen I have tasted many. But pork rib ramen this yummy is a first 🙂 Located at Far East Square, this place is pretty lively during lunch. Can’t miss this cute piggy logo.


Ordered the Special Boss Ribs Original Ramen which is created by the bosses behind Buta Ramen. Understand from the boss that the ribs are slow cooked for many hours before they are glazed with yakitori sauce and charred. That explains why the meat slides off the bone so easily! Succulent pieces of ribs done to perfection. I love that the ramen broth is light and flavourful. And not overly rich and salty.



Free flow of sides


New on the menu: Pork belly bun


If you are a porky and ramen fan, you have to try Buta Ramen 🙂 Take note that they only open on weekdays yea!

Calories worthy: 4.5/5

Buta Ramen

#01-04 Far East Square

Opens Monday – Friday, 11am to 6pm

Nearest MRT Station: Telok Ayer, Raffles Place & Chinatown

xx dawnut xx

Working Title Cafe

Amongst an array of fabric and textile shop along Arab Street stood the Working Title Cafe. This is one of the many cafes sprouting out in that area. Was shopping in the area on a Friday evening and looking for a place for dinner. The friend and I decided to google and we found this cafe. Surprisingly it wasn’t particularly crowded at dinner time. Ambience is nice for catch up with friends. They have booze too.


Had the smoked duck burger with fries. It was decent. It would have been better if they had use a better cheese instead of those Kraft singles type of cheese.


The friend had the rosti with sausage. The rosti was a a little like hash. Tasted alright but was slightly oily.


Ended off the dinner with a peanut butter chocolate cake. Moist and rich 🙂 They have a selection of desserts which looked rather familiar. Possibly supplied by some local bakers.


Calories worthy: 3/5

Working Title
48 Arab Street

Nearest MRT Station: Bugis (5-7min walk)

xx dawnut xx

Super Loco

Met the gf for brunch at Robertson Quay. We wanted to go to Em by the River but it was under some kinda reno. So we headed to Super Loco instead. It’s a really nice place to spend the weekend catching up with friends.


Other than the corn fritters that my bff makes, this is the only other place I have tried corn fritters. Portion was jus right and each fritter was not too floury and had lotsa corn kernels 🙂 topped with 2 sunny side ups, guacamole and a dollop of  sour cream. Yummy! It was a dilemma between the corn fritters and the big breakfast :p as always.


They had quite an interesting drinks menu of sangria, cocktails, juices etc. Decided to order this non alcoholic cooler that had fresh strawberries, cucumbers, lime and agave syrup. Refreshing!


No meal is ever complete without a dessert. There were only a couple of choices. So the obvious choice was the churros! Still in search for the best churros in Singapore. This is the Mexican churros. One of the better churros I have tasted to date.


And if you are wondering what’s the difference between the Mexican and Spanish churros? In a nutshell the former is slightly crisp on the outside, moist and soft on the inside; while the latter is crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Perhaps bcos of my love for mochi, I tend to prefer the Spanish ones 🙂 Chanced upon this blog that explains in detail the history and difference between both types of churros. And includes recipes too if you want to attempt making some yourself. It’s pretty easy 😉

One thing I must mentioned is that the service was excellent! And guess what? There is NO service charge 🙂 All those places that charge for service and provide less than desirable service standards should be ashamed of themselves!

Calories worthy: 4.5/5

Super Loco
The Quayside
60 Robertson Walk, #01-13

Opens: Wednesday-Thursday 5pm-12am, Friday-Saturday 5pm-1am, Sunday 5pm-12am

Nearest MRT Station: Clarke Quay

xx dawnut xx

Holy Cow Creamery

I am actually quite happy that there are more and more cafes sprouting out in the heartlands. Especially in the North/ North-East area where it’s near to home. Bcos lazy weekends are not meant to be spent squeezing around town 🙂 So I have more places to catch up with friends.

The Holy Cow Creamery is probably the first ice-cream/waffle cafe in Yishun. Got off work early one day and decided to drive the gf and I for some waffles. A supposedly 10min drive took 40min thanks to a crappy jam blah…

Amongst the neighbourhood shops selling all kinds of stuff from vegetables to salons etc stood the Creamery. You can’t miss the shop with the smell of waffles cooking in there. Nice cosy decor and ambience. We were there in the late afternoon on a Thursday so the crowd was pretty alright. Seeing benches outside the shop, I think it could potentially mean there could be quite a crowd in the evening and weekends. But at least the layout is more spacious than Creamier in Toa Payoh.


Bcos the gf and I were both quite hungry, we decided to order a waffle each topped with 2 flavours of ice-cream. Was in the mood for a double tea so ordered the green tea and milk tea ice-cream. The intensity of the flavours were good. Felt like I was drinking a good green tea latte and milk tea. Being a tea addict, I like that the tea flavours came out strong. Would prefer if the ice-creams were more creamy and a little less sweet. I always believe that eateries should make all their food. So it’s great that Holy Cow makes their own ice-cream 😀

Although I like the outside of my waffles to be crispy but I think the cooking time can be a tat bit shorter so that it is lightly crisp. That aside, I like the taste and texture of the waffle inside 🙂


The gf had a christmas flavoured one that has some biscotti in it and a chocolate one which I think is rocky road. Can’t for the life of me remember the flavours but I do remember that just like the flavours that I chose, the taste was good. They tasted like what they are supposed to taste like. Okay it sounds like an oxymoron. But sometimes some ice-cream places have flavours that are not intense enough so it’s not so shiok. hahaha am I making some sense at least?


If you are staying in the North and looking for places to chill, pop by Holy Cow 🙂

Calories worthy: 3.9/5

Holy Cow Creamery
Blk 292 Yishun Street 22, #01-291
Singapore 760292

This is their new opening hours by the way


xx dawnut xx