Bagel Factory in UK

This is one place I have to stop by to get my bagel fix whenever I set foot at Paddington Station. Their outlets are mainly situated at major travel hubs so it’s great for a quick bite or takeout. I usually do a takeout to bring onboard my onward train journey around UK.

They have the breakfast and lunch menu. I have not tried the lunch menu as I usually pop by in the mornings. This is my FAVOURITE! The Big Breakfast! It has everything I like all in one. Bacon + Sausage + Omelette. You get to choose the type of bagel you want from a good variety. I like to go for sesame or poppy seeds. And you also get to choose to top it off with the good ole brown sauce or tomato sauce. As always, the bacon and sausages taste so good. The sausages are from Lincolnshire where the pork sausages are pretty famous. Apparently there is a recommended list of ingredients and proportions to make these sausages and there are even competitions to find the best pork sausages in Lincolnshire! My personal opinion, the yummiest sausages are the porky ones. Pork or nothing at all. Period.


I always order the set meal so I get a bagel, crisps (potato chips) and a drink. The crisps culture is big in UK and for some strange reason I eat a lot of crisps when I am there. Probably more than what I eat in a year here in Sg. I think the crisps just taste fresher there. What I like is that even in the supermarkets, they sell the crisps in small packets so you can finish them at one go.

Bagel Factory serves coffee from LaVazza Italy which apparently has been around since 1895. Pretty decent coffee. I quite like the mocha though. I think it’s probably good coffee + good cocoa

So the next time you are in UK, try the bagel!

xx dawnut xx