High Tea @ Ritz Carlton Chihuly Lounge

Celebrated the friend’s really belated birthday having the 8 course weekday afternoon high tea at Ritz. We are all so busy these days, celebrations are getting more and more belated. Love the ambience at the Chihuly Lounge, especially the natural light, high ceiling and spaciousness.


The course started with a peachy mocktail which was quite refreshing. Accompanied by a bowl of keropok with dried shrimp/scallop XO dip.


And then we had the steak with truffle mash which was pretty good too.


What is high tea without the tiered plates of goodies. I felt they could have just given 2 scones instead of 4. I remembered one of Japanese baking instructor I learnt baking from told me that Ritz has one of the best scones. It’s true. The texture was really good. The clotted cream was good too. But we found the bottled jams too sweet, they didn’t have the natural fruity sour sweet flavour.


We like the salted caramel macarons. They have macarons available for takeaways at the deli if you are looking at bringing some home. The passion fruit tart custard was a little too eggy for me. Rest of the food was pretty alright.


We opted for the hightea with cocktail. This mojito definitely had a kick.


The service staff also came by with a trolley of cakes, cookies and chocolates where you can pick any amount you want if you still can stomach them. When we reached that segment, we were like sloths on the chairs in a state of food coma. I felt the variety  and taste of sweets in the trolley wasn’t wow. Overall, the high tea was okay, but I have tasted better ones.

xx dawnut xx