Walker’s Doughnuts in Melbourne

When you have a friend who is a cabin crew and flies to Melb so often, you can be sure that his food recommendations have been tried and tasted. So glad that we were able to meet up and I was brought to this gem of a doughnut! Located at the corner of Elizabeth Street and Flinders Street opposite the Flinders Street Railway station is Walker’s Doughnuts.


Looks like your any other regular doughnut shop along the street. But hidden in there were yummylicious NUTELLA DOUGHNUTS!


Although they looked unassuming compared to the other ‘prettier’ doughnuts in the glass case, do not be fooled. The doughnuts were fluffy and not oily or sometimes dry as some doughnuts are. And in the doughnut packed a nutella punch! I think I had 3 during my trip. Totally worth the calories 😉


xx dawnut xx


// Spanish Doughnuts :: The Original Churros //

Was in the area today, so popped by the much raved about churros shop in Orchard Central. There was a good crowd considering that the place was at an inconspicuous part of the mall. When we arrived, all the seats were taken and there were quite a few people waiting for seats and takeaways. We waited for awhile before we got a seat.


Ordered the original churros with choco (dark, milk, white chocolate) dips at $9.90. Felt that with any type of food, the basic stuff should be done right before offering variations so we stuck with the original. The rest were stuffed with caramel and all kinda stuff; sugar overload. When the friend came back to the table with the churros, it looked a little different. In my memory, the churros I had were thicker and more brown.


The churros were skinny and short. Perhaps they were deliberately made into bite size.


The first chomp felt like I was putting oily dough stick in my mouth. As far as I remembered, although deep fried, the churros shouldn’t be crunching like crackers. Possibly the churros are too thin so they get fried through really fast.  Since it is called Spanish Doughnuts, I think there should be a little more bread like texture inside while crispy on the outside. I was telling my friend that it tasted similar to something we know. After more chomps, I finally figured it out. It tasted like the Indian cracker muruku minus the spices. In fact i think the muruku tastes better.

Well we didn’t finish the whole cone of churros. Wasn’t quite worth the calories. Hoped that the iced coffees might be decent enough to quench our thirst on a hot day. Disappointing as well; the iced latte had too much milk and not enough coffee while the iced americano was a little sour.

So I guess this churros place is a little over rated.

Calories Worthy: 1/5

Spanish Doughnuts Singapore
181 Orchard Road, #05-51/52 Orchard Central,
Singapore 238896

Nearest MRT Station: Somerset

Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm Daily

xx dawnut xx