Toasta & Co. in Melbourne

This place is a gem! Was attending workshops at the Australian Barista Academy around the corner and my instructor John recommended this place for lunch. I already like how it looked outside even before I stepped in. Those minty blue walls ❤ ❤


Love the space and warmth feel in the cafe with pops of colour on the wall. I can totally spend the afternoon chilling there.


John was right about how good their sandwiches are! And they are made using sourdough which I totally love. This is my kinda expectations for a sandwich. Toasted to perfection 🙂 Ingredients are well paired too. Their sandwich names are cute. I had the Rami 🙂



It’s really hard to find bad coffee in Melb :p


Toasta & Co.
181 Adderley St, West Melbourne

Opens: Wed-Fri (7am-8pm) / Sat-Sun (8am-8pm)

xx dawnut xx


Seoul Roll


So I kinda read about this in the papers some time and probably walked pass it several times when I head to Plaza Singapura but didn’t stop to try it until recently. Was with a colleague and we were looking for a quick bite so we decided to give the rolls a shot cos’ they did look pretty fresh and appetizing.

Have always loved the korean kimbap and this one looked really plump and 料ful with the generous serving of ingredients. Most of the rolls are priced at $5.50 each and an additional $0.50 for the multi-grain option. Naturally, to make ourselves feel even healthier we went for the multi-grain ;p

There was a variety of flavours to choose from and we went with the Spicy Pork and Bulgogi Chicken. Rule of thumb, since it is called Seoul Roll, the safer choices will be the korean related flavours. Cos’ that should be their speciality. If they don’t nail those flavours then I would have deemed them as #fail. It’s just like if you go to a bak chor mee stall you order bak chor mee and not fish noodles soup even if it’s on the menu. You know what I mean right?

It was quite refreshing and the portion was just right. I like that it wasn’t stuffed with a lot of rice. There was a lot of veg and wasn’t soggy. For those of you who are not into veg, then I am afraid this is not for you. If I have to choose between the ang moh salad and this. I will def pick this. Eating a bowlful of uncooked vege just feels sad.


Although I think it tastes good, you can’t make a comparison with the kimbaps you get in Seoul yea. Bcos some of the ingredients are not available here and some are homemade e.g:pickles etc.

These kimbaps I had from the Gwangjang Market in Seoul doesn’t look like much and without fancy ingredients, but it was so so so addictive. So yea it’s different.


Eating the Seoul Roll is also a skill as you can tell from the diameter of the rolls (close to 2.5in wide). We first attempted to bite into it but as expected the ingredients started to fall out. We even prepared tissues to catch the debris. So henceforth, we decided that it’s best to stuff it all in the mouth at one go. It was totally unglam bcos we had to use the chopsticks to aid us in stuffing the roll in. At least I did. And I had to use the chopsticks to poke the food in my mouth when they got stuck somewhere while I was trying to chomp on it. And you can expect about 2min of silence bcos your mouth is so full you can’t speak and all you can do is chew. hahahaha so I would not recommend this as a first date picnic food loll

Seoul Roll
Raffle City Shopping Centre B1-58
Plaza Singapura B2-27/28
Mon – Fri, 11am – 9:30pm & Sat – Sun, 10am – 9:30pm

xx dawnut xx

Darling Cafe in Melbourne

A friend recommended that I visit this cafe and I am so glad I did! Was there on a Saturday at around noon and there was a pretty good crowd. It has a lovely ambience with a lot of natural light. A very relaxed and casual setting. And it is only a short walk from the South Yarra station 🙂


Spoilt for choice with the menu. I was staring at the menu and browsing their instagram during the train ride there ahahah… Hmmm..sweet or savoury… #firstworldproblem… :p After much deliberation I settled with the marinated lamb fillet on 3 bean salad with baked falafel, grilled figs, chipotle yoghurt & spicy hummus. They nailed it with this dish! The fillet was perfectly grilled and the salad had a refreshing fusion flavour. They smashed it with the falafel. I am a chickpea and papadam fan so I totally love the falafel.


Well looks like the pokemon fever is still on in Melb. Eat them all!


Enjoying a cuppa in winter with the warmth of the sun shining in was just awesome.


2 Darling St
South Yarra, Melbourne

Opens: 0700 – 1600 (Mon – Sun)

xx dawnut xx

Reuben Hills Cafe

Tucked in a back lane of sorts and what looked like a garage is a cosy cafe called Reuben Hills that serves up South American food. Almost missed it cos’ there wasn’t a sign or anything. And I was wondering if I was on the right road cos’ I saw a whole row of closed gates and shutters. I later found out that i entered from the back :p Well I merely followed the GPS hahaha…


Inside was a nice and cosy, industrial chic decor.


Had the soft baked eggs with chorizo, kale, ranchero and rye. It’s a little spicy tangy. The ranchero salsa sauce was a little sourish for me but overall the dish still tasted good.


Coffee was decent too.


Reuben Hills Cafe
61 Albion Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Nearest train stop: Central

xx dawnut xx

Momofuku Seiobo

Opened by David Chang, a competitive golfer turned chef. The Momofuku Seiobo restaurant serves up a fusion menu. We ordered the tasting menu which had 15 items. Interesting ingredients for some of the items. Very well put together. The menu changes each day so you won’t know what you are gonna get. We just ate and ate and wondered when the dessert was coming haha .. If you would like to go for the tasting menu, it’s reservations only.



plantain, guava, caviar


scallop, davidson plum, sawtooth coriander


egg, potato, salt cod


crab, native pepperberry


black pudding, cucumber, desert lime


jerk chicken skin, lime


calamari, green mango, papaya
(I love this dish, very appetising and refreshing)


busted roti, onion, muntrie
(This is like roti prata but even better! More flaky and crispy)


marron, young coconut, koji butter


carrot, oxtail, hibiscus


lamb, blacked peas
(peas were slightly salty but the meat was done very well)


buttermilk, ginger, blood orange


green banana, cassava & lime, almond


“conkie”, banana leaf, raisin


Momofuku Seiobo
The Star
80 Pyrmont Street | Level G
Sydney, NSW 2009

xx dawnut xx

The Mussel Pot


Seafood of any kind is my weakness. So glad I didn’t miss this at Shed A, Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne. Doesn’t the little stall look like it is gonna take off anytime? hehe… Nothing but mussels here 🙂 You can choose to buy them raw for home cooking or have the friendly uncles grill or steam them for you. There is a whole long list of flavours you can choose to have your mussels cooked in. And yup the queue is long too but totally worth it.


Chose the classic steamed ones with garlic and white wine (Also bcos that was the only flavour left :p). Freshness overload for A$10 😀


xx dawnut xx

The Rook

If you are familiar with Burger & Lobster, I think the whole lobster at The Rook in Sydney can beat that in terms of taste. Can’t quite remember how I chanced upon this restaurant when I googled for places to eat in Sydney. But I am glad I did 🙂 Conveniently located within the CBD area, The Rook seems like a popular chill out place. So I would suggest making prior reservations if you can.

At Burger & Lobster, you can choose to have the lobster grilled or broiled and it is served with a cream sauce accompanied by fries and salad.


At The Rooks, you get to choose the sauce from 3 flavours

  1. Citrus Vinaigrette
  2. Thermidor
  3. Garlic cream

I went with the garlic cream cos’ I usually like my seafood with garlic. I think it is more fragrant and tasty when cooked with garlic. It was really flavourful and they de-shelled the lobster flesh so you don’t have to struggle with your fork and knife (especially on a hot date). By doing that the sauce spread evenly around the lobster meat. Salad was very fresh and I totally love the thick cut truffle fries. Lightly crisp on the outside and a nice powdery texture on the inside.


The cocktail was pretty decent too. Had the Kentucky Cooler > Bulleit Bourbon, peach tea, Amaro Montenegro, lemon


Ended the meal with a dessert called Eton Mess > a huge dollop of whipped cream, fresh berries and meringue. Nothing quite fantastic though. I think you can skip the dessert.  rooks4

The Rook
56-58 York St, 7 floor
Sydney 2000

xx dawnut xx