Kuromon Market in Osaka

I love visiting local markets for FOOD. The Kuromon Market is a short 2-3min walk from the Nippombashi Station. Had to pace myself and be selective bcos’ there’s only one stomach and so much food I wanted to try. These are some of my fav picks.

There are several seafood stalls around but they all looked pretty alright and prices stated upfront. So I simply picked one at random. Although they might seem a little touristy bcos’ hoards of tourist typically target the seafood shops, the food is fresh, delicious and value for money. I love the sea urchin in particular. It is very sweet and creamy. For the price I paid for a box, I can probably only get a few pieces in Sg.


kuromon6The oden is a must try; tucked right at the end of one of the smaller alleys. The broth is flavourful and the daikon (radish) is so well done; soft and tasty. Definitely a comfort food ~kuromon1At the same shop, they sell stir fry large intestines and gizzards. Sooooo gooddd..kuromon3

The black sugar warabi is one of my favourite and possibly the best one I have eaten to date. The QQ texture is just about right and the black sugar flavour is fragrant and not overly sweet. kuromon4

The white strawberries that we had to try bcos it was a touristy thing to do. It was sweet but I didn’t think it was anything out of this world. But worth a try just for the experience.kuromon5

This has to be my favourite thing since I was 5. Never leave Japan without having this. Nobody does the red bean paste better than the Japs.kuromon7

xx dawnut xx


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