Bennelong @ Sydney Opera House

Had a pre-theatre meal at Bennelong before catching the awesome Audra McDonald perform at the Sydney Opera House. Food was awesome, ambience was great and service was excellent (not to mention that the wait staff were good looking ;D).

You can go with the 2 course at $80 or 3 course at $105. Went for the 2 course cos’ the dessert didn’t really call out to me. Ordered a cocktail too to start the evening 🙂

Port O Call

For the entrée i ordered the seared sea scallops with spring vegetables, crème fraîche emulsion, lemon jam, herbs, flowers. I never quite mastered the art of cooking scallops brown on the outside and still tender on the inside. Very appetising dish with the nice tangy lemon flavour that was just right and the crunchy vegetables gave it a refreshing taste too.


For the main, I ordered the veal fillet with smoked parsnip, swiss brown mushrooms and hazelnuts. It was cooked to perfection! Had the fillet cooked to medium and it totally melted in my mouth. I love how the hazelnut was nicely toasted and it paired really well with the meat, giving it a nice roasty taste.


You can make a date with Bennelong here 🙂


xx dawnut xx


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